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Welcome to the HelpAssistant !

Project description

HelpAssistant is a project which makes creating of help documents in Sandcastle Help File Builder easier and more automatic.
SHFB Gui was a huge step up for all automatic help creators, however adding e.g. links to topics or adding images was still quite demanding. Links are long and complicated, especially if they contain GUIDs.
HelpAssistant resolves this problem in easy way - one click on element that you are intrested in and you have ready link in your system clipboard. Now you can simply paste it into your MAML document.


HelpAssistant gives You a possibility to easily create:
  • links to the help topics and links to addresses inside those topics ,
  • media-links to the images,
  • tokens,
  • links to external resources and save them in one file,
  • code entities from DLL's.

Current version is Beta. I'm still working on the code and I would be grateful for all comments and suggestions.

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